Adult Bible Studies Sign Up
Here at Zion Baptist Church our mission is to Reach, Teach, and Unleash. The “Teach” part of our mission is to equip you in the Word, equip you to be a student of the Word, and to disciple you as a believer in Christ. One way that we fulfill this is through our semester Bible studies.

Here are our Bible study options for 2024:
Ladies Bible Study: 1 Peter by Jen Wilkin
Led by Molly Spivey
Cost: $15
Ladies Bible Study: Steadfast Love by Lauren Chandler
Led by Ashley Nalley
Cost: $15
Jesus and Women by Kristy McLelland
Led by Kathy Mathis
Cost: $20
Men’s Bible Study: 10 Lessons to Help Men Win by Keith Boggs
Led by Pastor Mike Spivey
Cost: $15

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