Steps For Membership

The difference between “attenders” and “members” can be summed up in one word-commitment.  At ZBC, there are several ways to join our church and become a committed member.

1. Confession of Faith:  We believe in regenerate member (i.e. you have to be a saved believer in Jesus Christ). Upon your confession of faith, we will then baptize you publicly by immersion to allow the church to share in your decision. 

2. Transfer of letter:  You’re a baptized member of a sister church in good standing and you wish to move your membership here to ZBC.  Upon your public acknowledgement to the church, we will request your letter from where you’re transferring. 

3. Statement of faith:  You’re a saved baptized believer, however you are not a member of another church, or your former church as no record of your membership, or you don’t know where or who has your membership. We take your statement that you are saved and you wish to join.  

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